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  Everyone has a dream, and it will guide our way forward, struggle for a noble ideal.

  I have been thinking you should be what kind of person, but the ideal is always ideal, if do not have any effort, no determination to achieve the ideal faith, ideal is a fantasy.

  The ideal strength is immeasurable, it is not just a goal, is also a hope, but also a power. Life is indeed darkness, unless there is the incentive; All incentives are blind, unless there is knowledge; All knowledge is vain, unless you have a dream. Because have a dream, so we can constantly into before.

  We are fighting for the dream, will be lost, will lost the direction, this moment, you should give yourself some confidence, no longer hesitate, no longer confused, looked at the road ahead, believe that certainly can become the ideal of themselves. Adhere to the dream and have been trying to, blossom always admirable colour and lustre.

  Of course, there will always be some exceptions, not every effort can achieve your dream. Their ultimate results may not have imagined so kua top, but be absolutely the best, don't regret is enough, we have no own can. Broken wings of a dove is still up at the sky of happiness, not flowering fuso can also use greenery deck the earth.

  Ideal is really only a bet, is getting? A deep, from the moment of jump, must work hard. Or, dapeng spread wings, on a whirlwind; Either, stone sink deep bottom, no noise. The former, have ideal, have goals, have the power, so the unremitting ef安阳钢铁总医院癫痫科预约电话forts; The latter, there is not enough confidence, so lost in the confusion.

  Everyone need to ideal, no matter is the ideal hong yao or trivial, as long as you have ideal, have I hope. On the way to make my dream come true, please bring ideal, because ideal support people have the strength to make my dream come true!








  Spring quietly came to the earth, they after a winter break, began the seemingly endless dream trip, a profusion of garden flowers, fine rain wind is light, they had no time to see the beautiful scenery, because at the start of this year the arrival of spring. When birds trees, streams, bend over, they don't have leisure time, because they have a dream a dream plum the whole country, and the rain, the swallow, young leaves, CaoYa, all Mr Strength growth, the more rain, the greater the but these commitments, finally they brought to sweet dream summer.

  In summer, do not stop the foots癫痫如何发作,应该怎么治疗teps, no matter how much sun poison, they by the searing heat to move forward, melon and fruit closed down, and they don't have the time to taste. Greenery is impressed, he strongly growth, blocking the sun, they no longer kubla khah dripping wet, but they never put down, bear the burden of they want to call from a distant plum, tell the teacher own studies how successful, at this time is their proudest moment!

  Autumn wind the leaves, it in the fall in the wind, the fog of the morning, did not make them feel confused, they like to find people, break the confusion, the farmers harvest joy, perhaps the fields, but they have to seriously every obstacle disease may want to detain him, but they still kept to the noble cause.

  In the winter, the sunshine is how precious, they are like the sunlight, take away the heavy snow, no matter how fast it gets dark, bright much later, they always adhere to the effort, for the dream of progress.

  Passed the one season, and repeating it over and over again, the dream-seeker who is tired, dream to make them quickly forward, forward!







  Dream is the winter fire, it is autumn, spring summer, as long as have a dream, the spring of life will shine bright fireworks.

  "Yao is not snow, for a fragrance" is the dream of cold winter plum blossom. In gale of laying, bullying in the cold snow, she still stand proudly, conceits in a piece of white pink, send out faint fragrance, when all the flowers are bent down, only the plum blossom her fearless in oppression. Because she knew "plum blossom incense from" you can't afford to bank everything, that stands in the snow of the plum blossom, is more noble. Is a dream, let the cold winter plum blossom ling2 han2 open alone.

  "No is not heartless, maternal gentleness is more protect flower" is the dream of bleak autumn maple leaves. Autumn wind faded the luster of the maple leaf, rain washed the maple leaf green, when he is faced with the loss of life, he was as cool as a cucumber, he enjoy the autumn wind dance brought him comfort, enjoy the autumn rain washing on earth, he think that it is the gift of god to him, that is before his mission to encourage, to his brave, let him bring autumn poetry. Happy is a dream, let the bleak autumn maple leaves are cool.

  "Infinite blue day lotus plants, video on lotus another red" is the dream of hot summer lotus root, in mud messy, she weeds were wrapped tightly, vulnerability, such as her, how will you move that exists, she can only silently waiting for, any time a little bit of patience to kill weeds, finally the day came, she rushed out of the weeds, grow from the郑州市第二人民医院癫痫科预约电话 silt, bloom their brilliant, she is more beautiful, zhou yuan and said she "the silt but not imbrued, zhuo QingLian without demon", a hot summer day, the strong sun baked the pedestrian, only her graceful net plant, to cold summer is smooth. Is a dream, let the heat of summer lotus XiangYuan yi qing.

  The beauty of the dream we cannot grasp, dream of the great we will be able to guess. As long as have a dream life will bloom.











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